joanna replied

193 weeks ago

Hello. I am interested in your opinion where it is better to live in South Africa? To be honest, I want to live in Nelspruit. But my friends discourage me from relocating and say that I started it all in vain. What do you say? And I'm also interested in jobs at Nelspruit. If anyone knows tell me please.

allana replied

193 weeks ago

Nelspruit is a good city)) Well, to decide where you live is your personal choice .. By the way, I can advise you about the job site Nelspruit it contains vacancies from all over South Africa. And I can tell you that this is a fast and convenient site. Especially when you subscribe to notifications, you will receive a newsletter about new job offers.

alikka replied

193 weeks ago

I heard about the resource vacancies in South Africa za.jobsora. If I'm not mistaken, then you can go to the site from almost any device.

olex replied

190 weeks ago

Not a bad place you have chosen. I approve of your choice.

ftrwyoql replied

134 weeks ago

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