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Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Full Movie 720p Download > DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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As Leon Kennedy and Jack Krauser investigate a series of disappearances in South America, the dark history of the events of Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica come full circle.
First off, if you&#39;re the type who gets motion sickness or dizzy spells when playing fast moving games, then I wouldn&#39;t recommend playing this game. Unlike in the Umbrella Chronicles, the camera moves so much and never stops for even 1 second and that means it&#39;s harder to aim properly. Plus the boss enemies are harder now than in Umbrella Chronicles– sometimes you have to unload all your ammo and give it your all just to get passed a final boss fight.<br/><br/>As far as the story goes (Operation Javiar only), I&#39;m glad that I learned of the events between CODE: Veronica, and both End Of Umbrella and Resident Evil 4, considering there was mentioning of a biohazard outbreak in South America in a Resident Evil 5 file. Who would of known that the T-Veronica was in more of the Resident Evil time-line outside CODE: Veronica? In Umbrella Chronicles, I enjoyed destroying objects for points, but this time around there&#39;s very few things to shoot at. But don&#39;t get me wrong, there are SOME things you have to shoot at in order to get weapon/ammo or in-game files.<br/><br/>I would say the only part about this game that is better than the Umbrella Chronicles is the game&#39;s graphic animation. It does look more up to date, but not as advanced as Resident Evil 5&#39;s animation.<br/><br/>This is some of the reasons why I rated this game a 5 of 10.
Not the RE2 remake I was hoping for, but I guess I&#39;ll have to deal with it. Although I&#39;m glad it helps covers some areas that I&#39;ve been wondering about since RE4: Primarily the gap of years between Code Veronica and RE4. I was really, really, really hoping they&#39;d go all out and remake RE2 like they did for RE: Remake for these current gen systems, but who knows… I don&#39;t know how many times Capcom covered the Mansion incident, but I really hope Leon and Claire get some Next Gen treatment. Degeneration just didn&#39;t cut it for me.<br/><br/>Come on, Capcom!<br/><br/>Where&#39;s our RE2 Remake? You know, the highest-grossing RE title you EVER MADE????!

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